Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News
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MADISONVILLE, La. - Isaac's flood waters left little untouched in Madisonville.

But the tiny town on the Tchefuncte River is determined to dry out sooner rather than later. The sounds of that recovery seem to be on every street, while the visual proof of it is staggered.

Almost 130 homes were flooded during the storm, some where residents had to be rescued. A dozen businesses found themselves in the same boat. Some are back up and running already, some are coming soon and others are still in limbo.

The city itself fell victim too with four buildings seeing at least two feet of water. The best evidence is on the inside of the town hall, where tile is peeling up, stacks upon stacks of city records are curling and staining as they dry out and a water line marks the spot where 29 inches of the river barged in.

'We did prepare some, but not enough,'said Mayor Peter Gitz. 'We didn't think the water would get that high so we raised up the computer, but all the paperwork, as you can see here, we're drying out the best we can.'

Thanks to help from volunteers, churches and some personal hard work, Madisonville is taking Isaac's challenge head on.

'We love Madisonville. We'll never leave,' said resident Stephanie Robertson.

Rebuilding of City Hall starts Thursday. The mayor hopes to have it finished in a month, just in time for the Wooden Boat Festival, which is still on schedule to take place October 13 and 14.

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