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NEWORLEANS - 'This has been awesome,' said Joe Unitas. 'The food's been phenomenal, the people are great.'

Joe Unitas enjoyed the seafood available during his visit to the Crescent City and explained why he's hoping Drew Brees will break the record set by his dad, Johnny Unitas.

'I think he's great,' said Joe about Drew. 'He's a tremendous person, tremendous person foremost. I know he's done a ton for the city, and all the charity work that he does, and the different things that you hear about him. 'I think he (my dad) would like him a lot. He would definitely tell him go break it.'

Johnny Unitas was a football legend from the 1950s through the 1970s, and he passed for a touchdown in 47 consecutive games, a record Drew Brees could break. After last weekend's game, Joe wrote a letter to Drew calling him a role model, and saying he'd be in the Dome to see the game.

'I'm there to support Drew,' said Joe. 'It's a great time for him and his family, and all his team mates, and the city.'

Former Saints Special Teams legend Steve Gleason, who is now battling A-L-S, met Joe and said breaking the record says a lot about the character of both quarterbacks.

'When it's all said and done, it's more about the type of people you are,' said Gleason.

Joe is working with a team of New Orleans film-makers to turn the best-selling book about his dad into a movie.

'I'd say about 70-80 percent, maybe more will be shot here,' said Film Maker Steve Scaffidi. 'The audience is going to see a great story, not just about football, but about a man.'

So I couldn't help but ask Joe, what if somehow his dad and Drew could play each other in a game, each at the peak of their abilities. Who did Joe think would win?

'I don't know. We'll let the people out there debate that one, but it would be a high scoring game, let's say that much,' concluded Joe with a laugh. The film makers hopwe to start production on the movie about his dad after the Super Bowl.

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