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NEWORLEANS - The New Home Ministries Church was packed with friends and family members. Many stepped outside, shaken and moved to tears by seeing siblings Kelsey Adams, 4, and Kendall Adams, 3, sharing one coffin, lying side by side.

'There's no excuse for these babies to be lying here, no excuse,' said L'Tanye Forde, stunned by the funeral. 'I am just torn. I have one godchild. I would hurt myself before I hurt one child. I would turn myself in. This should not be. They are our future, we are losing too many of our children.'

'Two thousand funerals I've been to, and the village got to step up and start speaking up,' said anti-crime advocate Brother Al Mims.

'Today I can tell them that Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal,' said Pastor Freddie McFadden, a family friend, and minister at Living Gospel Church.

But as a family grieves, a community offers support.

Though some family members deny it, New Orleans police said Kelsey Adams and Kendall Adams' mother, Chelsea Thornton, 23, admitted to killing her children.

Thornton confessed to shooting her Kendall Adams and drowning Kelsey Adams inside their Gert Town apartment on October 17, investigators said. She was booked on two counts of first degree murder.

Thornton's mother told Eyewitness News that Thornton was mentally ill, but had stopped taking medication.

Now a mental health advocate is calling for an alert system to be established for patients who stop taking medication.

'When they choose to check out, that there will be an alert system that will then take place,' said mental health advocate Cecile Tebo. 'That there will be listed family members to be contacted, and Child Protection will be contacted if children are involved.'

A special candlelight vigil was held on Thursday night in remembrance of KelseyAdams and Kendall Adams.

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