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NEW ORLEANS -- Tuesday, at the corner of Barracks and Chartres in the French Quarter, neighbors witnessed an incident that, according to some, is happening too often: an 18-wheeler tried to make the tight turn, but got stuck.

'That guy was really close to the balcony, the wrought iron balcony, and just a little bit more, they could've taken out that whole balcony,' said French Quarter resident Margery Pertuis.

As Eyewitness News first reported last week, complaints over large vehicles driving through the Quarter are on the rise. Some neighbors are now doing their best to document the incidents with photographs.

Pertuis, who got held up behind the mess, started snapping photos of her own, and asking questions.

'I said, 'How did you guys get here? Why are you in the Quarter?' Oh, the GPS told them to go this way,' Pertuis said, recalling her conversation with the truck's driver.

'You got this great big truck and you're getting ready to go in the French Quarter, no matter where you're from, you see these little bitty streets, why don't you just stop, you know, just stop and call somebody?'

Others have been asking the same questions, as trucks and buses keep rumbling through, sometimes getting stuck or passing dangerously close to the many historic buildings.

'All it takes is one big truck or one big bus, you know, panicky, trying to get out of some place they know they shouldn't be, and boom,' Pertuis said.

As we reported last week, the growing number of complaints prompted Councilwoman Kristin Palmer to begin looking deeper into the issue.

If a review of the situation by the French Quarter Management District finds it's a big problem, Palmer said she'll consider pushing to strengthen the existing city law, which bans large buses in the quarter, but does not address large trucks.

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