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NEWORLEANS- Jim Letten earned the title 'New Orleans Crime Fighter.'

During his tenure as the longest serving U.S. Attorney in the country, Letten gained a reputation for his tough prosecutions of corrupt cops and politicians, white collar criminals and dangerous drug gangs.

'Jim Letten and his team have done a very good job in the last several years in cracking down on corruption and they should get some high marks for that,' said U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA.

But, Senator Mary Landrieu says the cloud now hanging over Letten's office is 'troubling and unfortunate.'

This week, Letten's top assistant Jan Mann was demoted for blogging about cases and newsmakers on a local newspaper website.

In March, another former high ranking prosecutor Sal Perricone resigned amid a similar scandal.

Louisiana's two U.S. Senators make the recommendation on whether Letten should be reappointed U.S. Attorney.

'Mr. Letten and I have not had a conversation yet privately about it, but we will,' said Landrieu. 'I am still looking for the information to come in fully on this and we'll have to make some decisions.'

A spokesman for Sen. David Vitter, R-LA said the senator was not commenting publicly about Letten or the problems now facing his office.

Eyewitness News has uncovered a list of potential candidates if Letten is not retained.

The names include Entergy New Orleans President Charles Rice who served as former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's Chief Administrative Officer, New Orleans Municipal Court Judge Desiree Charbonnet and New Orleans attorney and former federal prosecutor Kenneth Polite.

Eyewitness News legal analyst Chick Foret says if Letten leaves, there will be some big shoes to fill.

'Jim Letten as done a remarkable job,' said Foret. 'The community loves him. I use the term all along, Jim Letten is a rock star.'

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