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NEW ORLEANS -- City contracts awarded to the company 'Three Fold Consultants' stretch across New Orleans: from street and sidewalk repairs in New Orleans East, to the installation of bike racks downtown.

However, sources tell Eyewitness News that the former head of that company, Rodney Williams, paid then-Mayor Ray Nagin tens of thousands of dollars in return for no-bid city contracts.

Yet, even after Nagin left office, Three-Fold continued to get city work under Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration, including two new contracts and nine amended contracts worth nearly $2.4 million.

'I removed the mayor from the contracting process in the city of New Orleans,' Landrieu said.

Landrieu said after he took office, he changed the way city contracts are awarded, by signing an executive order to make the process more transparent.

'That basically changed the contracting process from who you know, to what you know,' he said. 'We now have committees that meet. They meet in public meetings. They objectively score and the people that win get the contract, unless they're disqualified from law from doing so.'

One example the mayor pointed to was the contractor AME Disaster Recovery. The city forced that company to stop work after shoddy construction at Armstrong Park in 2010.

As for Three Fold, in May 2010, a legislative audit questioned how Nagin could have given Three Fold a contract for lighting work at four city playgrounds and then pay them for work on 23 projects without changing the contract.

So far, though, neither Rodney Williams nor Three Fold Consultants have been disqualified from getting city work.

'In the event that this individual -- and I don't know who it is -- is determined to have engaged in illegal behavior, they'll be disqualified from bidding on public contracts,' Landrieu said. 'They won't make it through our process.'

In the meantime, records from the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office appear to indicate Williams is no longer a company officer with Three Fold Consultants.

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