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SLIDELL, La.-- First there was Black Friday and then Cyber Monday, but there is a new day some are hoping will catch on: Giving Tuesday.

The day is being set aside as a kickoff to the holiday giving season, and organizations around the metro area are hoping to take advantage.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, Kim Bergeron of Slidell thought to herself: what can be done to help? After a late night talk with a friend, the 'Train of Hope' was born.

'I can't even put into words how joyful it was to be able to ride up there and give back and be on the giving end, instead of the receiving end,' she said.

Amtrak stepped in and provided one train car, which a few weeks ago, Bergeron and others loaded with donations bound for New Jersey. They are heading back there again in two weeks, this time with the holidays in mind.

'They've already lost so much and we don't want to them to miss out on Christmas or Hanukkah,' she said.

Bergeron, like others involved in charities, are hoping a new giving concept catches on. Following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, now comes 'Giving Tuesday,' a day set aside to give back by paying it forward.

It is not just traditional charities getting in on the act, so are non-profits like City Park. That's because 85 percent of the park's operating budget comes from donations.

'We're putting out posts on Facebook, through Email, Instagram, Twitter -- making it real easy,' said City Park's John Hopper.

As little as $20 can buy some plants or bulbs for the park. Larger donations, like $750, can get a tree planted in your honor.

Hopper hopes Giving Tuesday will take off in the coming years.

'The public will let us know,' Hopper said. 'You know, they vote with their clicks and their views, but I think Giving Tuesday -- it just makes sense.'

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