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NEW ORLEANS -- New court documents confirm Former First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jan Mann did in fact post improper comments on a news website under the name 'eweman.'

It comes in a letter from her boss, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten to the trial judge in the public corruption case involving former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard.

In it, Letten confirms Mann's comments included at least one about the Broussard case.

'AUSA Mann posted on under the name 'eweman', Letten wrote. 'As a result, she was immediately removed as First Assistant U.S. Attorney and Criminal Chief and the matter was referred to Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility.'

Letten also writes that Mann did not disclose her postings about the Broussard case in a July 2, 2012 letter to the court.

That letter dealt with improper online commenting by another former senior prosecutor Sal Perricone.

Both Mann and Perricone's online musings were revealed in a defamation lawsuit filed by River Birch landfill owner Fred Heebe.

Heebe has not been charged with a crime, but is believed to be the focus of a federal investigation into a questionable solid waste contract with Jefferson Parish.

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