JEFFERSON, La. Jefferson Parish President John Young has sent letters removing six members from the embattled Jefferson Parish Housing Authority, including the chairman.

Young sent letters Friday to Patrick Pierson, Hunley Dufour, Bill Boada, Terrell Harris, Mary Snowden, Simone Scanio, informing them that they were being removed from the board, 'due to neglect of your duties as a Commissioner.'

In August, the group's executive director resigned after a scathing state Inspector General's report questioned the use of more than $650,000 in housing authority funds.Later, executive director Barry Bordelon was rehired by the agency as a maintenance foreman. This past week, his future with the agency was debated, but with a 3-3 tie vote, he will keep his job.

In September, the Parish Council also voted to remove Dufour, Boada and Pierson but there were questions about the removal process.

There are also questions about the hiring of the current executive director.Young is calling for a state and local investigation into whether the board violated open meetings laws when it appointed Pamela Watson.

On Wednesday, the parish council set a February hearing on whether to remove three commission members in light of the inspector general's report.

'There is a lot of money that has been misappropriated and mismanaged and I think we need to clean some house,' Young said on Wednesday.

Federal housing authorities have given the parish agency until March to account for the money in question or face further sanctions.

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