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HARVEY, La. -- As many families prepare for the Christmas holiday, one Harvey family is gearing up to bury their loved one. Troy Hensley was killed by gunfire on Monday night walking on crutches to a neighborhood store.

Now his family is trying to figure out how to pay for the West Bank man's funeral.

'Why is that boy following me around? I got to the park to go play ball, he's right there. We just connected from there,' Lisa Alexander said of her husband's determination to win her over.

Hensley had his heart set on his wife ever since the couple started dating at 14-years-old.

Nearly four decades later, their love blossomed into four kids and seven grandchildren.

'The 'gentle giant'. Big in stature. Soft spoken. But would do anything he could to help anybody,' said Corey.

That is how family describe Hensley. On Monday night, the 48-year-old who used crutches went for a walk to a neighborhood store. He would never return home.

'Gunshots rang out. Two parties shooting at each other. Here he is a disabled man. Victim of circumstance caught in the crossfire, on crutches. Couldn't run,' said Troy's cousin, Corey Alexander.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says a number of spent shell casings were collected at the crime scene. The deadly shooting erupting in a parking lot in the 1600 block of Apache Drive around 7:30 p.m.

So far, no arrests have been made and the murder case is still under investigation.

'Fortunately there were surveillance cameras because at first we were thinking it was a robbery but now we know that he was caught up, a victim of circumstance, random shooting,' said Corey.

'I keep going back to that one minute. All it took was one minute for him to walk out the door,' said Lisa.

With Christmas just around the corner, this Harvey family is struggling to come to terms with Hensley's tragic death. They hope that whoever is responsible will turn themselves in.

'I think if it was just an accident or if it was just, you made a mistake. Confess, confess. I forgive you. I feel like maybe it was just his time,' Lisa said.

With funeral costs mounting, another challenge this family faces is finding a way to lay their 'Gentle Giant' to rest.

'[I know] it's a busy time of year with the gift shopping and all. I also feel like there's someone out there who wouldn't mind assisting us at this time of need in our lives,' said Corey.

Hensley did not have life insurance, and his family says it will cost about $6,000 for the funeral.

No firm date has been set until the money can be raised.

If you'd like to help out, a special fund has been set up in Hensley's honor at any Capital One Bank branch.

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