Wendell Allen, Sipp brother police shootings In one week, New Orleans police officers fatally shot two men in separate incidents. Those incidents remain unresolved.

In the early morning hours of Mar. 1, two brothers, Justin and Earl Sipp, were pulled over on their way to work at a Burger King. Many details are unknown, but a shootout occurred near the intersection of North Bernadotte and Toulouse streets after then-Officer Jason Giror pulled the men over. In the aftermath, Justin Sipp lay dead and Earl Sipp and two NOPD officers -- Michael Asevedo and Anthony Mayfield Jr. who were called in for backup -- were shot.

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Why the brothers were pulled over remains up in the air. Who fired first is unanswered. Police contend Justin Sipp had a gun hidden on him and opened fire and then the officers returned fire. While the Sipp family looks for answers and Asevedo and Mayfield still recover from their wounds, the only investigation that remains is the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office inquiry into the shooting, and a spokesman for the district attorney said there is no timetable on when the probe will be completed.

On March 7, 20-year-old Wendell Allen was killed while police were executing a search warrant at a

Gentilly home. Allen, who was unarmed in the home, was fatally shot by New Orleans Police Officer Joshua Colclough.

In August, a grand indicted Colclough for manslaughter. He was expected by many to accept a plea deal from the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office and to serve a five-year sentence for negligent homicide when he had a change of heart at the last minute. Colclough's rejection of a plea deal enraged Allen's family and Lon Burns, the attorney who represents the Allen family, is now seeking a second-degree murder charge.


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