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JEFFERSON, La. -- Thursday's heavy rains were more of an annoyance in Jefferson Parish.

It may have been good weather for ducks, but for drivers trying to get from here to there, not so much.

Clearview Parkway in Elmwood took on water around lunchtime. There was minor to moderate flooding there.

Breaks in the rain allowed time for the pumps to kick in and the water to drain.

JP President John Young told us the parish was ready for a major rain event.

'Our pump stations are fully operational, fully manned and will be throughout the event,' said Young. 'We've been monitoring this system since Monday afternoon.'

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge was a mess for most of the day.

'It's been a gooey day,' said Causeway Bridge General Manager Carlton Dufrechou. 'That's the only way to put it. The good news is the fog seems to be lifting. There's a tremendous amount of mist and still a good deal of rain on and off on the bridge.'

Motorcycle and truck restrictions remained in effect on the Causeway through the evening rush hour.

'We are not anticipating at this point any convoying,' said Dufrechou. 'Bottom line is safety will rule.'

Vernon Coy in Metairie didn't let the rain spoil his daily routine of walking his boxer Cassie.

'She has a good time outside,' said Coy. 'We always play outside everyday, so I'm not going to just because of a little weather, keep her inside.'

Coy also collected some worms for his goldfish.

'When it rains heavy like this, they come out of the ground and I can just scoop them up and feed them to the fish,' said Coy.

Jefferson Parish started the day by lowering the water level in the local drainage canals. By late afternoon, there was still plenty of room left in those canals for the rain that fell into the evening.

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