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NEWORLEANS- A murder suspect featured in an Eyewitness Investigation this week is now in custody.

Court records show that Glenn Metz IV was booked Friday, more than a week after police began looking for him following his indictment for second-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Police say Metz, 17, and co-defendant LaShawn Wells, 18, shot three men during a second-line parade in September 2012, killing one of them.

Even though Metz was arrested shortly after the Jackson Avenue shooting, he was released in December when his grandfather put up two pieces of property to cover a $300,000 bond set by Magistrate Commissioner Jonathan Friedman.

When Metz was indicted two weeks ago, an arrest warrant carrying a $1.5 million bond was issued. But police were unable to locate Metz, sounding alarms in the District Attorney's office. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro expressed concern that Metz had racked up three arrests in three months in three separate cases, but was still walking free.

'This is an individual who should not be on the streets,' District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said upon reviewing Metz's record. 'He should be in custody. He's demonstrated a propensity to commit violent criminal acts.'

But in an interview with Eyewitness News, Metz's grandfather said he didn't believe his grandson was dodging authorities and would try to locate him. Those efforts apparently were successful.

Metz is scheduled to be arraigned on the murder charge on Jan. 22.

In the two earlier cases, Metz is awaiting trials on separate charges of illegal carrying of a gun and possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

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