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NEW ORLEANS -- One of the things that makes New Orleans so attractive for hosting a Super Bowl are the hotel rooms, thousands of them within walking distance of the Superdome.

But that convenience doesn't come cheap.

'We were shocked,' said Houston resident Jason Hobbs.

Hobbs is a former Northshore resident who now lives in Houston. He spoke to Eyewitness News via Skype and told us he and his wife normally come to visit the city in December.

This year, though, they wanted to wait to have the trip coincide with the Super Bowl that is, until they started checking on hotel rates.

'We knew initially that availability would be scarce on hotels, but we found one that was available at the Marriott and it was $2700 a night and they wanted a four night minimum and non-refundable prepaid deposit,' Hobbs said.

Around $2,000 a night appeared to be norm in New Orleans for the four days leading up to the game, prices we found when checking on hotel rates through the New Orleans Convention and Visitor's Bureau website and the official NFL Super Bowl lodging site.

Those with the Super Bowl host committee say those prices are to be expected.

'The market is going to rule the day here,' said Mark Romig, CEO of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation. 'It's a free market system -- supply and demand. In this case, the demand is very great, and so the supply will price it accordingly. It is something that we know is just the reality of the situation.'

A reality that's a little too much for some wallets to bear.

'With the hotels being that much, we probably wouldn't make the trip this time,' Hobbs said. 'Probably wait til summertime or something to come back.'

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