A photo obtained by Investigative reporter David Hammer shows the Meffert family and Nagin family at a luau in Hawaii in 2004, a trip allegedly paid for by Mark St. Pierre, through a credit card he provided to Greg Meffert to use as he wished with a limit of $130,000.

The is a photo of a piece of evidence from the Mark St. Pierre trial that has never been shown outside of federal court before.

The adults, from left to right, are Seletha Nagin, Jarin Nagin, Jeremy Nagin, Mayor Ray Nagin, Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert and Linda Meffert.

Greg and Linda Meffert were both charged with conspiring with St. Pierre. Greg Meffert pleaded guilty and Linda Meffert was given a pre-trial diversion. Less than a month after this trip, Ray, Jeremy and Jarin Nagin incorporated a granite countertop business, Stone Age LLC, which is central to the conspiracy and bribery charges against Ray Nagin. Jeremy, Jarin and Seletha Nagin have not been charged with any crimes.

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