METAIRIE, La. - Deputies have arrested a man they say went into a Metairie jewelry store, busted open a glass case, stole some diamond earrings and then tried to sell them at a nearby pawn shop.

Timothy Naquin was booked on three counts of felony theft and two counts of possession of stolen property.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, a man with a dark-colored jacket pulled over his head went into Sue's Jewelry on Metairie Road around 1 p.m. on January 11. Deputies said the suspect struck the glass case several times with his knee until is broke open, at which time he stole 15 pairs of diamond earrings and fled the store.

A few days later, detectives said the jewelry store got a call from a nearby pawn shop saying that a white man with a hooded sweatshirt had attempted to sell numerous pairs of diamond earrings. At the time the suspect was said to be driving a black Nissan truck with a license plate that traced to his sister.

Using technology that showed the vehicle in question had been seen on Airline Drive, detectives checked a nearby pawn shop and discovered that Naquin had recently pawned 11 pairs of the diamond earrings for $4,130. A few days prior, Naquin had sold three additional rings for $1,150.

The sheriff's office said the earrings were returned to the rightful owners and that Naquin was taken to the investigative bureau, where they say he admitted to taking the earrings and pawning them.

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