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SLIDELL, La. -- The Mardi Gras excitement around the metro area is about to reach overseas. A Northshore non-profit is sending 500 king cakes to active duty troops with ties to Louisiana.

'Our soldiers and our troops do so much for us that we don't even think about,' 'Operation We Care' spokeswoman Colleen Smith said. 'The sacrifices that they make every single day and their families. This is just a little something can do to send them a taste of home and remind them that we do know they are over there fighting for us.'

'Operation We Care' has been sending care packages to servicemen and women for 10 years. Around Mardi Gras, the volunteers trade out the toiletries for a Carnival tradition. Half are donated by the bakers, the other half paid for by donations and every package has a seal of support from area students.

'The troops are near and dear to our hearts and we just can't wait to do it every year,' said Randazzo's Camellia City Bakery owner Trisha Randazzo-Zornes.

The king cakes are already special because of who they're coming from, but these have a little something extra because they're red white and blue. A serviceman who stopped by the bakery Thursday thinks it's a great idea for friends still overseas.

'We don't have much to eat over there but MREs, so when you get something like this, especially if they're from this area, like Slidell, New Orleans,' said Staff Sgt. Nick Fasoli. 'It's awesome.'

Military parents even get involved.

'It just keeps you going through all the bad times and the scary times,' said mother Brenda Ogden.

And it reminds the troops of the good times awaiting them back home.

If you'd like to get involved with 'Operation We Care,' click here.

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