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NEW ORLEANS -- At Toup's Meatery in Mid-City, they're gearing up for a busy stretch.

'It's an excellent time for exposure for us,' said Amanda Toups.

Thanks to a new Twitter campaign, locals are already pointing tourists their way.

'I think that's wonderful. I mean, when you go to a town, what I always do is I find a really good bar and then I ask the bartender where they eat, you know, and so I think that's a really good and positive way to spread the word -- where all the locals are eating.'

The idea is simple. Locals tweet restaurants, nightlife, or really any kinds of recommendations using the hashtag #BestofNOLA.

The hope is that visitors will get out and do some exploring.

'I think it's a great idea to get people out of the normal tourist areas, although there's plenty to do there,' said Kevin Allman, editor at Gambit. 'They're gonna be really crowded. There's 5,000 journalists coming to town. If we can spread them out over the city and show the whole city some love, some of the restaurants, some of the bars, the museums, I think it's gonna be good for everybody.'

Allman points out that new options are popping up in neighborhoods across the city.

'Tourists are getting a lot more adventurous than they used to be, where they used to just kind of stick around Bourbon Street and Royal Street,' Allman said. 'I think they're willing to go out to other parts of the city, as long as they have a little bit of a guide.'

It seems plenty of word is already out about Maurepas Foods in the Bywater area, as Southern Living Magazine dropped by today for a photo shoot.

But locals are doing their part too.

'We're busy all the time, so we never know what to expect, but I think we're gonna have a busy weekend,' said Michael Doyle, chef at Maurepas Foods. 'We're preparing for it. So, we're ready to go.'

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