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KENNER, La. - If something in a checked bag blocks the view of TSA screeners, it will set off an alarm and trigger an open-bag screening.

Jonathan Allen, spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration in Atlanta, said the TSA is aware of what United is telling its passengers about removing the heavy Super Bowl programs, but said TSA is 'not advising passengers to do anything different' and will be informing United officials of the TSA's position on the matter.

'The machines are operating as normal and our advice (about what can be in checked baggage) pertains only to prohibited items, such as undeclared firearms, explosives, that type of thing,' Allen said.

Allen said TSA has plenty of capacity for the increased crowds.

The agency added five checked baggage machines for the Super Bowl, raising the airport's total from nine to 14. That includes two additional checked-baggage screening machines in Concourse D.

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