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HOUSTON -- Huntington Ingalls announced the company is opening an office in Houston as it seeks opportunities for new business at the Avondale facility.

Without any future work, Huntington Ingalls is set to close the shipyard in July.

'We have a great workforce at Avondale with unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities that have been demonstrated for many decades,' said Mike Petters, president and chief executive officer.

'Additionally, these skilled men and women are located in the heart of a region where there is more manufacturing demand than the current suppliers can meet, particularly in the energy markets. Coupling this talent with our world-class facilities leads us to believe we have everything in place at Avondale to excel in this market.'

According to a statment from Huntington, the company is in talks with respected companies in the oil and gas infrastructure.

'We are in active discussions with respected companies in the oil and gas infrastructure market. We've satisfied ourselves that the engineering and construction elements of these projects are very comparable to shipbuilding,' said Chris Kastner, corporate vice president and general manager, corporate development.

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