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NEWORLEANS-- Imagine shelling out six grand for Super Bowl tickets only to find out you've been scammed. That is what happened to a San Francisco Bay-area family.

However, once their story made headlines their luck turned around, and now the 49ers fans are here in New Orleans.

'It was heartbreaking. It was the worst feeling ever,' said Sharon Osgood.

These die-hard 49ers fans almost didn't make it to New Orleans to watch the Super Bowl. Their slip up was answering a Craigslist ad from a man claiming to be a tax attorney. The ticket seller said he was forced to skip the big game because his wife was eight months pregnant.

'We thought this was our chance we're only going to pay $1,450 at ticket instead of the $3,000,' said Osgood.

After wiring $5,900 from their credit union, Sharon Osgood says a manila envelope arrived at their front door. Her boyfriend, Dan Briggs had the honor of opening it up. He wasn't very happy.

'Can't say that on TV. It wasn't pleasant,' said Briggs of the profanities that escaped his mouth.

Instead of Super Bowl tickets the envelope contained a note.

'There was nothing in it but a piece of paper. It said: 'Enjoy the game. Go Ravens. LOL,' said Osgood.

Media outlets picked up their story, which made it to the ears of Ticketmaster's CEO and the rest is history.

'On Tuesday afternoon, I got a phone call from the CEO from Ticketmaster Nathan Hubbard and I talked to him about it. And he said: 'What did you learn from this?' I said: 'To always use Ticketmaster.'

On Friday, Osgood was officially handed five tickets to Sunday's game inside the Superdome.
Football fans lucky enough to bounce back from a very expensive lesson and excited to cheer on the team they love.

'It's the best feeling in the world. We're here in New Orleans to watch the 49ers win the Super Bowl,' said Osgood.

Osgood filed a police report in California. The 49ers fan says she spoke to detectives on Friday, who say they are close to solving her case.
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