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NEW ORLEANS -- The Super Bowl may be over, but the work is just beginning.

Homeowners put up protective fences in Mid-City while the city itself plants port-a-potties in key locations Uptown.

And some of New Orleans' best-known krewes are having to make miracles happen before the weekend.

'At one point in time we thought we'd get in there Tuesday afternoon,' said Ed Muniz, chairman of Endymion.

Muniz said they're anxiously waiting to get in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to start building for Saturday's extravaganza.

The NFL and broadcasters are still breaking down from the Super Bowl.

'You could see all the rigging and all that they were doing. So, now that rigging has to come down,' he said. 'The problem now is we have to get in there and get it done for our shows that are nowhere near as extensive.'

Superdome officials say the field has already been removed, and the super krewe says they have made some adjustments to their set up to make it all work.

'We went out and got laser lights, because you don't need rigging for laser lights. So, we went out and got laser lights,' Muniz said. 'And we got different kinds of spotlights to emulate what the rigging would look like for the swags.'

Krewes have similar concerns at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center where the NFL is still tearing down.

Zulu is expected to get in to start building their set up overnight.

Six krewes in all, including Bacchus and Orpheus, will host their balls in the convention center this week, starting Wednesday night.

Plus, Endymion will debut a brand new float this year. Pontchartrain Beach then and now is the theme, with nine connected sections. They have to test how it travels the route all the way through the Superdome once they can get in.

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