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NEW ORLEANS -- Witnesses say the night of the Krewe du Vieux Parade, a company called Mid-City Towing hauled away dozens of cars from two adjacent lots along Esplanade Avenue, between St. Claude and Rampart.

Several weeks later, questions are mounting.

'I just feel like I was taken for a ride. It was a scam,' said Jean Valliere, one of the vehicle owners.

As we first reported last month, Valliere and others claim they had paid seemingly legitimate parking attendants.

'They had us move close to each other so they could fit in more cars,' Valliere said.

Who were those men collecting money? It's still unclear.

One of the two lots is private, and the owner acknowledges calling Mid-City Towing after learning vehicles were parked here.

We've now learned that the other lot is owned by the city, according to the Orleans Assessor's Office website.

Wednesday, a city spokesman said no company would've been authorized to tow from the lot on the night in question.

Valliere claims Mid-City Towing did anyway.

'They wrote the address 1201 Esplanade, which is for the privately owned lot, on my windshield. But I was parked (in this city lot),' she said. 'I want my money back. It was an illegal tow.'

Some people whose vehicles were towed from the private lot said there were no visible warning signs posted at the time.

Louisiana State Police officials said the incident is still under investigation.

'I think this is just another example that people are so tired of. Even if you're right, no matter what you do, you are not going to win around here,' Valliere said.

Thursday,Chris Fraino with Mid-City Towing saidValliere's claims are nottrue. Fraino said her vehicle was parked in theprivate lot at 1201 Esplanade. He also said hehas a contract for towing from thatprivatelot.

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