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NEW ORLEANS -- This weekend, the super krewe of Endymion debuted their new 'Pontchartrain Beach' float. It's a nine-section display of bright LED lights, scents and even sounds.

And while the float was a big hit, it also had a few problems along its inaugural ride.

You could feel the excitement on Saturday night with Endymion taking to the streets with no rain and a bright new float.

'It was huge,' said one parade-goer on Saturday.

Titled 'Pontchartrain Beach, Then and Now,' the float's nine sections each captured a trademark feature of the old amusement park.

'I've never seen a tandem float where every float was a different concept and a different idea. It was a lot to behold,' said Errol Laborde, a Mardi Gras historian and editor of NewOrleans Magazine.

Most onlookers said it was spectacular.

Endymion paid $1.5 million to create it. However, its inaugural ride wasn't without problems.

'I was wondering how they were gonna get nine segments of a float around a corner, but they did,' said another parade-goer Saturday night.

But it took some effort. At Carrollton and Orleans, the fourth section nearly hit a utility pole and crews had to break the float down to get it around the corner.

A WWL-TV employee shot video at Carrollton and Canal. In it, you can hear the float hit some barricades, and according to New Orleans EMS, a 63-year-old woman had to be taken to the hospital with a minor injury.

'The danger problem isn't with the size of the float other than the excitement that the float creates. Being that this was the first time for that float and there was a lot of excitement, I think there was just a big crush of the crowd,' Laborde said.

According to EMS, the float also hit barricades at Lee Circle, leaving six more people with minor injuries.

'To the extent that there's been dangers with floats, that's happened as long as there's been Carnival,' Laborde said.

Medical call sheets show it. EMS responded to 103 calls on Saturday, 61 during last year's Endymion rain out.

Krewe officials said off camera Monday they'll investigate the injuries and that they're very sorry if anyone was injured.

About the injuries related to the new float, a spokesman for Mayor Landrieu said in an email, 'Public safety is a top priority during Mardi Gras for both riders and spectators. As is the process after every event, the city will do an after action report to address all issues. In addition, the Mayor's Mardi Gras advisory committee, comprised of all krewe captains, will be addressing these and other aspects as we prepare for Carnival season 2014.'

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