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NEW ORLEANS -- Despite the rain, Carnival festivities are in full swing in the build-up to Fat Tuesday.

And on this Lundi Gras, there are several traditions, including the arrival of the king and queen of Zulu at the New Orleans riverfront.

The royalty -- Cedric and Monica Givens -- said they had been planning for this day for years.

'This is so exciting. This is just so much fun,' Cedric Givens said. 'I'm enjoying it.'

The potential for rain threatened the event, but the king and queen said they were thrilled crowds turned out and that showers didn't put a damper on the day.

'It puzzled me for a little while, but I'm so excited it held up for us right now,' said Cedric Givens.

Monica Givens said, 'Like I said earlier today, as long as it doesn't mess with our spirit and our heart, we will still be here.'

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