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MOBILE, Ala. -- As the day has gone on, the arrival time for the Triumph at the Mobile cruise terminal has been delayed and delayed.

It's only adding frustration to everyone's day.

'I was disappointed on that end, the level of communication,' said Jon Hair, whose wife is on the cruise ship.

But just as Hair, a Lake Charles pastor, started telling Eyewitness News about his frustrations with his wife Julie's Triumph cruise experience, the communication from her chimed in for the first time since Monday.

'How are you doing?' Jon Hair said after answering his cell phone during the interview.

'We're surviving,' Julie Hair replied.

'Happy Valentine's Day. I love you,' he said.

'Happy Valentine's Day, to you too. I love you too.'

But the sweet talk turned quickly to the unsettling situation continuing on the ship for the fifth day, and the contradictions with carnival's reports continued too.

'They told me last night that most of the power on the ship was restored,' Jon Hair said.

'No, that's not true at all,' Julie Hair said.

Carnival gave the media an update on the situation at the same time, saying 200 staff members were in town to help with the arrival at the Mobile cruise terminal. It's something the port authority says is in motion, but challenging.

'This is going to be a long day. This is not a process that's going to happen fast,' said Terry Thornton, Carnival senior vice president.

Jimmy Lyons, the Alabama State Port Authority CEO, said the transit could take anywhere from seven to 10 hours, but they were hoping it'd be on the shorter end of that timeframe.

Julie and Jon's son talked with his mother on the phone.

'Hey Mom!'

'Hey baby, I miss you so bad,' Julie said.

'I miss you too.'

But, fortunately, the Hairs won't have to miss each other too much longer.

'We'll be here when they get here!' Jon Hair said.

The one for sure thing is that Carnival vows everyone gets home safely on their dime, as well as refilling every passenger's pocketbook so it seem this trip never happened.

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