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MANDEVILLE, La. - The St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office admits to the Parish President's Office that what it's been asking for does not exist.

Now Pat Brister is changing her request.

Last week, Brister asked for the coroner's office leave policy and time sheets for Dr. Peter Galvan for the past three years. The request follows claims of overspending by Galvan, as well as a legislative auditor's investigation and, according to sources, a federal grand jury inquiry.

Monday, Brister received 18 pages from Galvan's office, which included a three-point memo on how employees earn off-time and leave request forms dating back to 2007, for Galvan, which more than half showed to only have been approved less than two weeks ago.

Brister said the documents were 'disappointing' and not what she asked for, so a second request was sent yesterday, which also included asking for the coroner's office to acknowledge whether the documents being summoned existed.

The coroner's office sent a reply saying there is no leave policy and that Galvan does not keep time sheets for himself.

Brister has now sent a third public records request, this time asking for a summary of all leave earned, used and paid out, for the past three years, for every employee including Galvan. She also wants copies of all checks written for any leave payouts.

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