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MARRERO, La. - The Crescent City Connection tolls are expected to take center stage at a town hall meeting on Tuesday.

The special pre-legislative town hall is set to start at 6:30 p.m. at the West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero.

A number of state lawmakers and members of the Department of Transportation and Development are expected to attend.

The tolls were suspended after a judge overturned the results of the November election that extended them.

The decorative lights on the CCC were turned out on Friday.

The Young Leadership Council, which originally paid for the lights in 1989, mounted a campaign to get them turned back on immediately. They have offered agencies money and started a Facebook movement.

Louisiana Representative Pat Connick said the money from previously collected tolls is enough to fund the lights and maintenance for years.

'We have private money available and public money available to turn on the lights. It costs $40 a day basically to keep the lights on. That's the electric cost. We just need the mechanism, we need the government to stop the red tape, the bureaucracy. Let's find a way to make it happen,' Connick said.

DOTDsaid the legislature would have to re-appropriate those dollars specifically for that.

Another election is set for May.

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