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MARRERO, La. - Authorities released new information Friday on the murder of a Marrero two year old.

The Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office has completed an autopsy and says the toddler died of blunt force trauma to the head. The death is classified as a homicide.

A quiet Marrero neighborhood is shaken after authorities say a toddler was murdered at the hands of her mother's boyfriend.

Cyril Jones, 23, is charged with second degree murder and two counts of second degree cruelty to a juvenile.

Darionne Taylor, 2, lost consciousness last Friday, convulsing on the kitchen floor, said Jefferson Parish investigators.

Jones called paramedics, who rushed little Darionne to the hospital. The child's mother was not home at the time.

The toddler died from serious head injuries Thursday night.

Jones first told authorities the child fell off the bed by accident.

Jones later confessed to throwing the child on the floor, where she hit her head, because he was angry that she was jumping on the bed with other children, said Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

When the child began losing consciousness, Jones shook her violently and began splashing water on her face, said Fortunato.

'In his words he just 'clicked out,' he became very irate and very angry,' said Fortunato.

It's not the first time Jones abused the child, said Fortunato. Jones also confessed to biting her on the back recently when he grew angry.

'It's just a very unfortunate situation where a two year old child loses her life at the hands of some guy that just was not capable of taking care of a child,' said Fortunato.

'He didn't seem like a violent guy, no,' said Joseph Pitts, who lives across the street.

Jones said the family recently moved into the neighborhood, and kept to themselves. He said the home has been quiet since the crime.

'Very shocking to see something like, and all we can do I guess, more or less, is pray for the family,' said Pitts.

Prayers for a family who has lost a child and a man who is behind bars.

Authorities said Jones was babysitting several other children at the time, but they found no other signs of abuse.

Authorities said Jones had no prior violent criminal history.

He remains in jail on $600,000 bond.

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