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LAFITTE, La. -- Lafitte charter fishing captain John Pounders of Eccentric Charters has endured disasters -- hurricanes Katrina and Rita, then the oil spill, and last year, Hurricane Isaac. That storm hit when he'd exhausted his finances staying afloat after the oil spill.

'We come pretty close (to going out of business), but credit cards and this and that, and borrowing money from family and friends, you can make it,' said Pounders.

He had to pay for repairs from Isaac while still facing a charter fishing business downturn tied to the oil spill.

'At its worst we was down about 60 percent,' remembered Pounders. 'At its worst. Now I'm going to say we're back around probably 70 percent.'

He first emailed the Action Line nearly 14 months ago, seeking help to get his oil spill claim reimbursement from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

'Your claim is currently under review,' a frustrated Pounders was told then.

Now I thought this claim would have been solved long ago. We're at the third anniversary of the oil spill, so I'll make another stab at it, because John says the funds from that claim are critically needed here.

'We need that for to pay past debt, and also for to grow your business, and also just to have working capital on the side.'

But the Deepwater Horizon Claims Administration is now handling the case, and when I contacted them, they found John's claim could be headed to accounting in a few weeks.

He was glad to have the news, and now is hoping for a good fishing season to lure his customers back.

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