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CHALMETTE, La. - A 36-year-old Chalmette man has been booked after deputies say he robbed a service station while armed with a rifle early Sunday morning.

Robert Clark III, was arrested at his apartment Tuesday night and Sheriff James Pohlmann said that during the search of his place a crack pipe was recovered.

A spokesman said Clark IIIwas out on bond for two other recent arrests, including one during which he left his apartment key at the scene.

Clark was booked with the 3:25 a.m. armed robbery of a Shell service station at Judge Perez at Perez Road on March 31 and he and Jaime Schlosser, 37, who lives with him, were both booked with possession of drug paraphernalia for the pipe possession, according to the sheriff's office.

Both had been booked with burglary of a Chalmette bar in mid-February after their apartment key was found there after the burglary and along with other evidence led to them, Sheriff Pohlmann said. Clark was also arrested in early March for illegal possession of prescription medication.

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