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BOSTON -- A runner from Louisiana says the crowd of spectators at the site of the blast was huge minutes before the explosion.

'The crowd, it was packed when we walked by Lord and Taylor. You could walk by. There was a little aisle, you could walk past it. But we headed toward the Lennox Hotel to turn on Exeter Street and then police made people back up you could not move.

'It was like Bourbon on Mardi Gras. You know, it was so packed with people. Everybody just stopped. '

Everhardt's daughter, Brandy Jenkins, finished the race at about 1 p.m., before the explosions happened.

'Icouldn't believe it,'Jenkins said. 'Imagine had it happened any earlier, or any later. Ijust can't believe that all the people -- the limbs, the people that lost their lives, limbs, blood were everywhere, and people had lost their limbs. It was so scary.'

Interview courtesy WAFB. Pictures in video courtesy GettyImages

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