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WESTWEGO, La. -- Crews are making final preparations for the Zurich Classic next week at the TPC of Louisiana in Westwego.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand serves as the volunteer security director for the golf tournament.

He says in light of the double bomb blast at the Boston Marathon, conversations are now being held behind the scenes to address possible new safety concerns.

'We've already had many conversations and communications about what happened and (we're) looking at our own security plan,' said Normand. 'We work very closely with PGA security, year in and year out.'

The sheriff says within hours of the blasts, his office started receiving information about the bombing.

He says he received pictures of the improvised explosive devices on Wednesday.

'You begin to do after action in looking at the intelligence data that's being provided by the FBI and other and we have received a significant amount of intelligence data.'

Normand says while he has confidence in the tournament's security plan, there is only so much anyone can do to secure a public event.

'If there's a person who desires to create disturbance, harm or anything else, any public event is suspect and it's not a question of if, it's a question of when.'

Wednesday, the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District held its monthly meeting at the TPC.

Stadium managers say they are constantly updating security plans around the dome and arena.

'I would say that the NFL is probably one of the leaders in terms of its security best practices and our staff is constantly communicating with the league office about how we can make it safer for the fans,' said Superdome/SMG VP Doug Thornton.

'We're confident that everything that possibly can be done is being done,' said LSED Chairman Ron Forman.

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