NEW ORLEANS - Starting Monday, veteran news journalist Melanie Hebert will host a half-hour, issues-oriented prime time show on My54.

'The 504' will highlight the biggest newsmakers, issues and events happening all across Southeast Louisiana. It will be carried on WUPL-TV, My54 at 9 p.m.

From the most important issues facing the community, to the culture and character that makes this area so unique, 'The 504' has it all covered.

The show will include viewer input through social media channels. Viewers will be able to submit questions, opinions or even give ideas for show topics.

Veteran news journalist Melanie Hebert will host this new venture and is looking forward to showcasing both the challenges and success stories in and around the New Orleans area.

'This is a fantastic opportunity to offer something different and valuable in this market', says Hebert. 'It's a chance to have real conversations instead of just taking sound bites and to cover a wide range of topics from controversial issues to interesting people.' 'I would be excited as a journalist to get this opportunity anywhere, but to host a show like this in my hometown is a special gift.' 'I want to use it to interact with our residents more and to help our community.'

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