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NEW ORLEANS The Second Harvest Food Bank's warehouse has a new refrigerated truck that carries fresh and frozen foods, a welcome addition to the emergency canned goods so many families depend on.

'It is very important to have this kind of help, because plenty of people (are) running out of food and stuff,' Deborah Allen said.

'And when we see them smile when they get all these fresh vegetables and frozen goods, we know that we are doing our job,' added Faye Wooten ofTotal Community Action.

Now here at the Second Harvest warehouse, it may look like it's full, but they only have 900,000 pounds here. The minimum they need is two and a half million. They're very short and much of what you see in this one-third empty warehouse is coffee, soft drinks and paper products.

So, they urgently need help.

It is not quite a food emergency, but it's close. Food donationsare rushed out to 240 food banks in 23 southeast Louisiana parishes within a week of arriving here.

'This warehouse is about one million two hundred thousand pounds short of where it should be right now,' said Second Harvest Warehouse Manager Mamie Jackson. 'How scary is that? That's very scary, especially with the summer months coming up and children are out of school. They're going to need the food.'

They're hoping you'll leave a donation near your mail box on Saturday, May 11 for the National Letter Carriers' Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

'We raised about 180,000 pounds last year, we really need to exceed that this year,' Second Harvest Executive Director Natalie Jayroe said. 'What donations do you need? Tuna fish, peanut butter, canned soups, canned chilies. We can take rice, anything that is non perishable.'

'It's going to be a lot more individuals that's going to need food, and we hope that people donate to Second Harvest,' Wooten said.

For information about donating, call Second Harvest at 734-1322, or visit their website at

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