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NEWORLEANS - Thursday's unyielding rainstorms had Jazz Festers trying to stay dry.

Many searched for the right gear and gave local stores a boost in business.

'It was rainy, it was rainy!,' said one Jazz Fest-goer walking out of the Fairgrounds on Thursday evening and joining a stream of soggy masses.

'Boots, rain gear, good spirits in spite of the rain. It wasn't that bad. Its been worse,' said Uptown resident Guy Fournier.

While some Jazz Festers threw on ponchos, garbage bags, umbrellas and hats to fight the rain, others chose to brave the elements without much help.

'There's nothing we can do about the rain. We can't stop that!,' laughed Gentilly Food Mart owner Mo Thabath.

Inside the convenience store, customers cleared out all the ponchos and hats were flying off the shelves.

'We need some more jackets for the rain,' said Thabath.

Down the street, Jazz Festers were also showing up to Massey's and stocking up on essential rain gear.

'Right now with the rain, they're definitely in high demand. We're moving out of sizes real quick,' said Massey's assistant manager Michael Guastella.

Rain boots are just about gone at the Carrolton Avenue location. Guastella says a palette of new water proof stock arrives tomorrow.

'We're going to be fully stocked for the upcoming weekend for all that stuff. So anything you need, the poncho, the jackets, the boots we'll have it all,' said Guastella.

Basic essentials to make this year's Jazz Fest more bearable, come rain or shine.

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