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NEWORLEANS-- The International School of Louisiana sits between two busy major streets, with Camp Street on one side and Magazine on the other.

But the flashing lights on the school zone signs on both streets aren't working, and parents worry about speeding traffic.

'It's been burned out for a while,' said James Hart, who has two daughters at the school. 'Especially during the morning rush, it's very hectic with cars just flying through, and everything else. ... Very concerned about that.'

'Having the traffic signals not function properly is not safe, at all,' addedAdele Thonn. 'People will slow down sometimes when they see you, but sometimes they don't.'

They say the flashing lights have been fixed on occasion, only to stop working again.

'The signals have been malfunctioning for the two years we've been here,' said Thonn. 'Last year I contacted the city five times.'

'It becomes a matter of how and when someone will be hurt in the process, so those school zone lights are really important,' said International School Of Louisiana CEO Sean Wilson.

'Sometimes I will get an individual on the phone, most times I won't,' noted Thonn. 'They're usually very courteous, and say they will look into it, but nothing really happens.'

The school year doesn't end until May 31, so I'm contacting the mayor's office, asking them to get the signs fixed as quickly as possible. The parents and administrators agree it's a safety issue.

'We want them fixed now. We want them fixed now,' said CEO Wilson.

The city sent a repair crew out and found the batteries died on the solar powered signals. They say an expedited order has been sent for new batteries.

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