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MANDEVILLE- Workers will be hitting the streets in a few weeks to start inventory on the bumps and buckles across the city's roads.

The dips, holes and wear-and-tear across the City of Mandeville aren't as widespread as some other cities, but for some drivers, they're enough.

'There are some that I think are a little bit bumpy, you have to kind of hold on,' Pat Ehlinger said.

City leaders agree, so they invested in a new program that will put every street in the city on a ranked to-do list. It'll take into account age and type of street, along with other variables, and create the cost to take on the construction. The same will be done for signs around the city to keep them up to code with federal regulations.

'It'll help us to budget in the long-term. We can do a now-forecast, 5-year budget, 10-year budget based on the condition of the road, what we expect it to deteriorate at certain rates,' Public Works Director David DeGeneres said.

This program won't only tell the city what roads need work first; it will tell what kind of work is best for the road and the city's budget.

'The level of repair that those streets are going to need, whether it's a basic patch to a full reconstruction,' said Councilman Rick Danielson, 'It will be easier for us to communicate that with the public and being able to turn around and budget for it.'

Drivers say it sounds like a good plan.

'If there's a way to be certain that the biggest needs are met first, that makes sense,' Ehlinger said.

Data collecting and input should be complete by the end of the year with the program in full swing by next spring.

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