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NEW ORLEANS -- People from across the area joined city leaders in a rally against violence, using the scene of Sunday's shootings as a backdrop.

'It doesn't make any sense at all,' said Mayor Mitch Landrieu. 'It is unnatural and it's not what we accept as a people, and that the violence has got to stop.'

It's a call for solidarity by those who are fed up with the ongoing bloodshed.

Monday, city leaders and community members made their pleas, standing side by side, in the exact spot where so much violence erupted one day ago.

'These young guys, god bless 'em, they're lost. They're very lost,' said Fred Johnson. 'The 1 percent that has to be fixed is not an 'I' problem, it's a 'we' problem. I think it's not a black problem, it's not a white problem, it's a community problem.'

A source of frustration for many years that seems to now be boiling over after bullets flew into a crowd of men, women and children who were simply enjoying a Mother's Day celebration.

'It happened during a sacred event -- a second line -- that's part of New Orleans history and culture,' Landrieu said. 'And we all came out here to basically reclaim this spot and to say, 'What happened yesterday on this spot does not reflect who the people of New Orleans are, or what we are about.'

And for those who carry out violence, the people at the gathering had a message:

'We have to use the media to make the statement, 'Here is what happens to you, here is what happens to your family, here is what happens to your community when you decide to pick up a gun,' Johnson said. 'When you can't use your fists, you scared.'

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