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METAIRIE, La. Saints coach Sean Payton hopes the arrest of receiver Joe Morgan for drunk driving becomes a lesson for not just the 25-year-old, but also the other players on the team's offseason roster.

But the coach doesn't believe it'll be any sort of distraction as the team goes through its second week of organized team activities.

'Each team is faced with it at some point,' said Payton, broaching the topic before ever being asked about it. 'Hopefully less than more. It is what it is in regards to the lesson you hope that the other players, including Joe, learn from it.'

Morgan was arrested around 6 a.m. Saturday on Earhart Expressway near South Causeway Boulevard.

According to Louisiana State Trooper Melissa Matey, he appeared drunk and submitted to a breath test, which came back as being over the legal limit.

Since the Payton regime took over in 2006, the Saints have had only a few such incidents. Only one other player has been arrested for drunk driving in the past seven years defensive end Bobby McCray in December 2009.

'It's our job to keep reinforcing the importance of being smart and making the right decisions,' Payton said. 'It's something we've really tried to pride ourselves in since getting here in '06.'

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