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NEWORLEANS-- When Sally-Ann Roberts became her sister's bone marrow donor, thousands across southeast Louisiana registered as potential bone marrow donors at telethons hosted by Eyewitness News last summer. Others are still registering.

'We had over 2500 donors sign up, and so far we've had about three people that have been called to go through the process to donate,' said Be The Match Account Executive Natalie Rowe.

But it costs the Be The Match program $100 to process each registration kit with its DNA sample. The huge number of potential donors created a financial problem for the Be The Match agency.

'We had some funds to cover it, but it actually set us back in Louisiana about $65,000,' explained Rowe.

On July 12, you can help Be The Match save lives, and raise some critically needed funds while you have fun at the same time. It's called Masquerading For A Match, a gala at a fascinating place, the Board of Trade on Magazine.

'This is going to be a fabulous event, and of course we'll have Eric and Sally-Ann there, and we know Eric is always the party person,' said Rowe. 'We have wonderful entertainment. We have the fabulous Sharon Morton. We have James Andrews.'

Tickets are only $25, and $10 more gets you a raffle ticket with airfare and a hotel stay as the prize.

'Food from some of the best restaurants in the city, alcohol, you name it, it's going to be a fun party. Wear your mask. It's cocktail attire, and all the proceeds go to Be The Match,' said Rowe.

For ticket information, call 1-985-788-9461, or visit their website at

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