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NEWORLEANS - The committee that will ultimately decide the fate of the World Trade Center met again on Tuesday.

There were three proposals on the table to restore the site, and so far, there has been a lot of controversy about its future. Much of the debate centered on whether to demolish or redevelop the building.

Each group presented detailed plans and was then questioned by a five-member committee, which included Deputy Mayor Cedric Grant and the city's Chief Administrative Officer Andy Kopplin. The committee's legal adviser asked for more details on financing and leasing plans.

Gatehouse Capital's plan saves the building with the installation of a W Hotel, apartment spaces and a John Besh restaurant. They told the committee about projects they had completed in the past.

The Burch Group also proposed keeping the building intact and adding hotel rooms, office spaces, apartments and a retail center.

A group of local tourism leaders, the Tricentennial Consortium, received some backlash over its original proposal to tear the building down and build a tourist attraction. The Advocate reported the group would now be willing to leave the building as is if it is selected by the committee.

In June, it was standing room only at New Orleans City Hall as the committee met to discuss the redevelopment proposals submitted in April. Some argued the building is historic, and it should not be torn down. Others worried that some of the proposals that included residential living space would turn a public site into something that could only be accessed by certain people.

'In a subsequent meeting on about August 14 we'll have our third meeting for the committee members to deliberate on the proposals and receive analysis from our advisers and receive public comment. At that time, we will propose a recommended development team for the project. And the subsequent action after that would be to make that recommendation to New Orleans Building Corporation board of directors,' Grant said.

Tuesday's meeting started at 10 a.m. in city council chambers.

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