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NEWORLEANS- Lock it - or lose it.

That's the slogan in the Lakeview neighborhood after a rash of break-ins and burglaries in recent weeks.

Project NOLA founder Bryan Lagarde says you can't just blame a shortage of police for the uptick in crime here.

'I believe a lot of people seem comfortable with leaving their cars unlocked, leaving their garages unlocked,' said Lagarde. 'You chum the waters, sharks are going to come.'

According to the NOPD Crime Mapping system, In just the past two weeks there have been 3 thefts, 6 acts of vandalism, nearly 20 vehicle break ins and 5 house burglaries including one in the 6900 block of Memphis Street early Sunday morning.

The homeowner who did want to be identified said, 'I hear my wife screaming because there's burglars in the house.

He says the group of young men caught on his surveillance cameras broke into his truck then entered his yard through an unlocked back gate.

'You just hear about it everyday people talking about they're breaking into their storage buildings or their cars, that sort of crime. It's just frustrating that I don't even want to let my kids out after dark anymore.'

The owner says if not for the family dog, the burglars may have gotten away with more than $10 and a couple of cell phones.

'Our little four pound dog started barking and kind of went after them a little which I think surprised those burglars and they ran out.'

In addition to a barking dog in the house, experts say there are ways to secure your home to help prevent burglaries.

'It can be anything from motion detection flood lights to fences, to of course video surveillance cameras,' said Lagarde.

The burglary victim says he is now taking steps to crime-proof his home and property.

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