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Following an appearance on 'Meet the Press' Sunday, Gov. Bobby Jindal published an editorial on calling for the end of over-stressing race in America, believing that causes unneeded divides.

'Yet we still place far too much emphasis on our 'separateness,' our heritage, ethnic background, skin color, etc. We live in the age of hyphenated Americans: Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Indian-Americans, and Native Americans, to name just a few.

'Here's an idea: How about just 'Americans?' That has a nice ring to it, if you ask me. Placing undue emphasis on our 'separateness' is a step backward. Bring back the melting pot,' Jindal wrote. (See full editorial)

Jindal acknowledged the current struggles in America due to racism, but also touted the progress the country has made in the fifty years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech at the conclusion of the March on Washington.

'We are all created in the image of God skinny, fat, tall, short, dark, light, whatever. Who cares? What does it matter? It's time to get over it. It's time for the end of race in America. Now that would be progress.'

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