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HARAHAN, La. -- Shock and anger are growing after the Monday night incident where vehicles ran over and killed dozens of seagulls in the Elmwood Shopping Center parking lot.

'Bill, we were shocked. This type of incident had never occurred to us in the many years we've owned this shopping center,' said Elmwood's Louis Lauricella.

Sources say security camera video shows a white pickup truck and a dark colored car speeding through the lot where the birds were resting.

'It's reprehensible to think that anyone could deliberately do something like this to a creature that was overnight roosting, trying to get some rest,' said Robin Beaulieu, director of the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter.

Six hurt seagulls were brought to the Jefferson Animal Shelter, but their injuries were so severe they had to be euthanized.

'The type of injuries that you would expect to see if you were hit by a car, or run over by a car,' said Beaulieu. 'Very badly suffering.'

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents are now in charge of the investigation.

'Currently we're investigating the incident where someone either intentionally or just through their own carelessness ran over we believe 40 to 50 seagulls,' said Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Captain Stephen McManus.

While agents are looking for those responsible, here at Elmwood Shopping Center, they're on high alert.

They want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

'We're just mortified by it,' Lauricella said, 'so we've stepped up our efforts to look out for this, and combat this, and of course we're working with the authorities.'

'We do enforce federal laws, and this would be a clear violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act,' said McManus.

Agents are seeking help from the public in this case, and ask anyone with information to call their toll free hotline at 1-800-442-2511.

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