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NEWORLEANS-- Astronauts could practice navigating on the moon by avoiding the craters on Catina Street in Lakeview. There are three of them in one block.

'Very frustrating because we live on this street, and it's like you hear kaboom, kaboom, kaboom all day long with people hitting these holes,' said resident Mary Hartenstein.

Her daughter and a neighbor painted rings around the craters.

'Trying to put a brighter color to warn people,' she said. 'It doesn't usually work, though. ... I haven't seen anyone out here in years.'

'There's 80 miles of streets in Lakeview, and about 75 of those 80 miles of streets need to be repaired,' said Lakeview Civic Improvement Association Vice President Freddy Yoder.

Some Lakeview streets are nearly impassable, with vegetation covered hills blocking intersections. Dips, potholes, ruts and water leaks ruin roadways in a vibrant area that rebuilt after Katrina.

Residents have long been fed up.

'I used the alleys the other day, because the streets were worse than the alleys,' Hartenstein said. 'It's so frustrating.'

'The standard response is we don't have enough money, we're short on budgets, we can only fix so many streets,' said an exasperated Yoder.

Freddy Yoder pushed for the creation of a street maintenance district in Lakeview, where voters would tax themselves to pay for repairs. It failed by a wide margin at the polls, and he said while he won't try it again, he does wonder how long people who live here are willing to wait for City Hall to take Action.

'At what point do we realize, well, the elected officials are not going to be able to get it done, so we have to take some action ourselves,' Yoder said.

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