Thanh Truong / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS -- An alleged aggravated rape on a school bus in New Orleans is prompting an investigation by police and school officials.

A school in the Recovery School District reported the crime.

Because this involves young students and a sexual assault, police and Eyewitness News are not identifying the school.

What is confirmed is two young boys were involved, and it happened after the bus left school grounds.

New Orleans police say while aboard a school bus Tuesday the two students were seen performing oral sex. The school that the boys are attending is located Uptown and is part of the Recovery School District.

The school's president told us the assault took place after school hours and away from the campus.

According to New Orleans police, the two students involved this incident are 12 and 14 years old. School buses usually have security cameras mounted inside of them, and many school districts have adult school bus monitors riding with children, so it's unclear how this could've happened with all of that in place.

Police are trying to determine if arrests will be made.

The school's president says it's reviewing safety procedures on board buses and will thoroughly investigate if the necessary steps were taken to prevent this assault.

We reached out to the Recovery School District to see what kind of safety measures are in place on its school buses, but so far we've had no reply.

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