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NEW ORLEANS -- The water leak at Oak and Monroe streets started at the base of a fire hydrant at the corner, then followed a soggy trail forty feet or so down Oak -- forty feet of valuable space those coming to the Po-Boy Festival couldn't use without getting soaked feet.

'It's been all the way around the block, halfway down that block down there, getting to a drain, full of algae,' said Oak Street business owner Keith Williams.

'People walking on the sidewalk have to step over it. It's just been a disaster, besides being a mess.'

When I contacted the Sewerage and Water Board, I asked them to make sure the leak was fixed in time for the Po-Boy Fest, and look, the street is now dry.

And Keith says it only took them a few minutes to do the job.

'They turned this, it was facing this way, and they turned it a fourth of a turn. That was it, just needed to be tightened up. Two years of losing water, that's it. Simple!'

With the leak stopped, the water drained away, and the area dried up on the spot where restaurants will set up stands to sell their special Po-Boys at the festival this Sunday.

'For me, I just feel better when I come to my property,' said Keith. 'I feel better because it looks better, and everybody feels better, and I don't have to worry about anybody slipping and falling in the slime. And it is done in time for Po-Boy Fest? And without your help, it would never have been done in time for Po-Boy Fest.'

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