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NEW ORLEANS -- The Propeller Incubator is known for helping business make an impact on their communities.

Tuesday it will play host a competition that will allow those businesses to make an even greater impact on the city.

It's a like a virtual think tank inside the Propeller Incubator building.

Co-founder, Andrea Chen, has always had a gift of connecting others and now applies that to socially-minded businesses around town.

'We are just really excited there is such a demand and there are people who want to make the city better and help underserved communities,' Chen said.

Chen has helped young CEO Brandie Burris build her company, Gradiant.

A teacher by nature, Burris has found a way to help students with disabilities graduate on time.

'If there are about 3,500 students, 2,500 are not graduating,' Burris stated. 'We started this company because we thought that was not OK and we have the tools for teacher to change that.'

It's a similar story for Teddy Nathan of Crescent City Connections. He came to Propeller to help organize his volunteer business plans.

'I had people contacting me all the time and I would help them find volunteer activities, but not in a formalized fashion,' Nathan said.

Both Burris and Nathan are ready for the next challenge: A one-day competition known as PitchNOLA.

Ten businesses will use their business savvy to win prize money to help further their mission.

'The idea behind pitchNOLA is to get all the 'on the ground ideas' and give them exposure. Then people will know about all the great things people are doing,' Chen said.

The event will be held Tuesday at Tulane University. The winner will take home $5,000 to help with thier business plan.

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