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SLIDELL, La. The body of a missing Slidell woman was found inside of her car which was pulled from water near Oak Harbor Blvd. Monday.

An ex-boyfriend of Crystal Friedman, who was trying to help in the search, went to the end of a shell road off Oak Harbor Blvd. and found the top of a car gleaming from the sun and barely sticking out of the water.

Construction equipment used on a nearby site helped pull the vehicle from the water.

The discovery ended a 7-day search that began when Friedman did not return from her trip to a bar to watch the Saints game last Sunday. She was seen on a surveillance tape at a nearby convenience store, and then not again. Her parents had said it was unusual for her not to return to her 3-year-old child.

Sheriff Jack Strain said long skid marks on the shell road indicated Friedman may have lost her way and tried to stop before going into the water.

'This is not the outcome we had hoped for, but at least there is some closure,'he said.

Friedman's family was devastated.

'It's horrible,' said Trina Friedman. 'But I'd rather it be like this than her being lose somewhere or abducted.'

The family still thinks there may have been foul play since they said she wouldn't have taken the wrong road home.

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